Country 5, 2023

What started off as an 11 year old road tripping to the music capital of the world would cultivate into a career rapidly expand into one of the largest music careers of all time. Taylor Swift ventured into the vast world of the music industry with fierce determination and persistence, which would create a stable foundation to build a music career on. 

Kacey Musgraves is well known for some of her top hits like “Butterflies” and “Rainbow” from the album Golden Hour. She has won many awards like Grammy Awards for Best Country Song and Grammy Awards for Best Country Album. Musgraves is known as a country artist but I do not see her as a country singer.  Her most popular song, “Butterflies,” is a remarkable pop song. Even though this album contains a majority of pop songs, they are still very catchy and worth listening to. 

These are the top five best Kacey Musgraves songs of all time:

After visiting the one and only country music hall of fame this summer in Nashville, Tennessee, I was wonderstruck learning about the history of country music and its evolution throughout many years. The museum had extravagant walls covered in award-winning records, old artifacts from the most well-known singers, and best of all the unique untold stories behind various popular country songs. 

Asking someone if they like country music can be very misleading seeing as there is a huge difference between what is called “old country” and “new country.” These two may as well be considered two different genres entirely. The following highlights some of the main differences between the two as well as the type of music each adheres to. 

Old Country

Old country is known for its southern rhythm and predictable topics. Critics of country music often point to the stereotypical old country themes of love, heartbreak, drinking, trucks, and the south. While ranging from both upbeat to sad songs, old country music all has a similar twang. Some of the most popular old country music artists are George Strait, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Reba McEntire, Garth Brooks, and Tim McGraw.

New Country

New country music on the other hand, is nothing like old country. New country music, while similar in theme, strat from the norm a little bit and has a greater variety of topics. As well, new country music is often known for being similar to pop music, taking on less of a traditional southern tune. Some of the most popular new country artists are Thomas Rhett, Kacey Musgraves, Morgan Wallen and Luke Bryan.

Here is a traditional old country music playlist as well as a playlist of new country music: 

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