Eric Church, my Church

By Madeline Crowley

Like country superstar Maren Morris’ beautiful song “My Church” describes, listening to good music in the car with the windows down serves as her type of worship and she “finds her soul revival, singing every verse” rather than attending any religious ceremony. In this sense, I find my soul revival listening to Eric Church’s music. Ever since I can remember, Eric Church has been playing in the car on the ride to school and on all of my spotify playlists. His hit song “Springsteen” takes me back to the innocent days of third grade when I listened to music on my Hello Kitty cd player. In a way, Eric Church has taught me and prepared me for everything I need to know about life’s struggles all in his one song “Some of It.” To me, “Some of It” is all of it. The song begins with the lyrics, “Mama aint a shrink, Daddy aint a bank, and god aint a wishing well” that put you in a realistic perspective for life. It then adds, “Some of it you learn the hard way, Some of it you read on a page, Some of it comes with heartbreak, most of it comes with age, and none of it ever comes easy.” The main idea detailed in the song is how nothing comes easy or is easy in life but that’s the beauty of it all. It also mentions the way that nothing is ever fair and sometimes nobody is actually right but having experiences that make you question yourself make you who you are. Looking deeper into the meaning of the lyrics to all his songs I realize that everything Eric says is true and just one big metaphor for life. I stay in awe of his awareness of the world around him and the way that he is able to communicate his thoughts through such beautiful country music. Eric Church is my church.