The Perfect Country Song

By Lauren Marino 

Country music has always been one of the most popular music genres with many all time classic songs. As a country music fan, I have listened to many different types of songs—each country music fan has a specific type of country song that they like. However, there is one song that every country fan likes, “Country Girl” by Luke Bryan. This song never fails to get someone out of their seat and start dancing. “Country Girl” will have everyone singing the words at the top of their lungs, anyone who claims to be a country fan knows every word to this song. Luke Bryan wrote this song when he was first starting to take off and this song really put him on the maps because of the immense amount of positive reactions he received. Any time “Country Girl” comes on, everyone’s mood immediately lightens up, making this a perfect country song.  If anyone is ever in doubt of what country song to play, “Country Girl” is always a great go to song.