Summer Favs 2, 2023

By Keira De Vita

I got my license over the summer, so a solid playlist was essential for the best summer ever. Songs with a lot of energy and bass are my favorites so naturally that is what is blasting in the car. The playlist is a mixture of Taylor Swift, of course, and some of the songs I have been obsessed with since April 2022 including songs by ABBA, Chappell Roan, Elton John, TV Girl, and more. These songs were introduced to me by some of my closest friends as well as concert exposure and Spotify recommendations. Music is important in my life as I hope it is in everyone’s, this playlist is here to provide you something to jam out to.

What’s a productive way to spend your summer? Learning valuable life skills while earning money. Last summer, the summer after my freshman year, I got my first job at West Valley Gymnastics. Working summer gymnastics camps, which are only three hours a day, was a great addition to my summer. Working this summer helped teach me a lot of new skills such as time management, patience, and responsibility. Instead of ruining my sleep schedule by going to bed in the early hours of the morning and sleeping until noon, I had to discipline myself by going to bed at a reasonable time because of work the next morning.

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