By Olivia Pocat

This summer, I worked two jobs. My yearlong job is at a golf course, and this summer I helped coach summer camp. Every week, as I pulled up to the golf course, I was greeted by a swarm of screaming kids. I loved coaching summer camp, but it was so tiring. The job was so demanding. Once, a kid hit another kid in the head with a golf ball. I had to take all the kids back to the clubhouse and give ice to the kid that got hit. I was simultaneously making sure the other kids were having fun and playing the putting games correctly. By the end of the week, the kids were so exhausted that we would just rest together while they occasionally hit a few balls on the Trackman. 

The other job I worked was at Walden West. This was equally tiring, as I volunteered 55 hours in one week to supervise kids. This camp is always super fun. I also worked in the rock climbing course portion of this camp, called The CORE, and I learned how to belay, rock climb, and do the high ropes courses. Overall, I had a super fun summer and I loved my summer jobs.