Camp: Resurrecting

By Emily Burich

This summer, I had the opportunity to go to camp for a week with my church and other United Methodist churches in California.  The camp, also known as Asian Camp, made me reflect on many things: my friendships, my relationship with God, and what the future will look like for me.  The week was filled with lots of tears and laughs.  Something that really stood out to me during that week was faith moments.  A faith moment is a time where you saw God work his way through your life and help you through something.  Hearing my peers share their testimonies, I was astonished at how deep and truthful the speeches got.  I listened as some of my closest friends shared their most vulnerable moments and I saw them in a new way.  Not only were they my friends, but I saw how strong and brave they were to share their stories.  During growth groups (small groups), I shared some of my hardest moments in life and the unconditional welcoming support I got was such an amazing feeling.  My counselors were so understanding and listened to me as I shared what I’ve gone through.  Some may have viewed this camp as just another summer camp and a week away with friends, but for me, it was so much more.  I grew in my faith with God and made strong connections with new people.  I learned so much about myself and what I want to do in the future.  In addition, the camp’s theme was resurrecting.  The staff asked us if there was something that needed to be resurrected inside of us, maybe an old hobby or passion. By the end of the week, I resurrected my relationships, my faith, and my confidence.  I can’t wait to go back next year and grow even more.