Rafting Through a River of Enjoyment

By Sinchana Holla

“What is white water rafting?” I looked up.“White water rafting is a recreational water sport where an inflatable raft carries four to eight people down white water rapids on a river. White water river rafting is considered an adventure sport and has varying levels of difficulty. Typically, an experienced rafting guide will accompany beginners.

I wanted to try something new. Something different. I love roller coasters and I love the beach. Why not try white water rafting?  My family and I drove 3 hours to a place near Sacramento where we would experience our first time rafting. We spent the night camping and I woke up the next day, excited but nervous. My friends and I got onto one raft and to our relief we were told that an experienced guide would navigate us through the rapid river.  The guide taught us simple paddling techniques and we were ready to start. 

We started out slow, but the rapids started to increase. The scenery was beautiful, rafting on a river through the mountains and trees. It felt like I was in a book written in the 1800s, following an explorer through their journey. Once the rapids started to increase, the cold, fresh water drowned me from head to toe. I felt alive and happy, my friends and I were screaming from pure enjoyment. When we were done with our hour and a half of rafting, I was not ready to leave. If I could, I would still be there, rafting 100 times a day. 

I definitely recommend white water rafting for everybody. Don’t let your fears stand in the way of trying new things!