A Splashing Job

By Kendall Albrecht

Summer isn’t summer without fun trips, concerts, beaches, shopping, eating out, and hanging out with friends. Unfortunately, most of these staple summer activities require something in exchange for the fun: money. What better way to prepare for a packed, yet costly summer, than getting a summer job?

Summer jobs do not have to be a burden or something to dread. In fact, my summer job was one of the highlights of my time off. I started swimming at the Campbell Community Center for their swim team, Wave, when I was 6. I spent hours a day at that pool for seven years until the pandemic hit, always admiring the lifeguards, thinking “when I’m old enough maybe I can work here too.” Sure enough, this summer I applied. Working at my old pool not only brings back memories, filling me with nostalgia, but has also enabled me to do what I love. Teaching swim lessons always had me excited to go to work. Getting to know the kids and seeing them improve provided a reward more valuable than the money made. I can’t wait until next summer to do it all over again!