Sports 7, 2023

As we get into March, many skiers and snowboarders alike start thinking about packing up their gear and calling it quits for the rest of the season, seeing as temperatures are rising and snowfall is slowing down (usually). What most don’t understand, however, is that Spring is the optimal time to do some shredding. Little-to-no crowds, great weather, cheap passes, and most importantly, good snow, make spring skiing an obvious choice that many don’t take advantage of.

Although many think of December-February as the prime ski season, the season truly gets underway after the spring equinox. At this point in the season, the snow-pack, or the amount of snow on the ground, is at its deepest for the year. In addition, warm daytime temperatures with lots of sun, combined with below-freezing nighttime temperatures, virtually guarantee soft snow.

Page Editors: Lauren Marino & Jacqui McLean