Comeback Curry

By Lauren Marino and Rachel Walker

Steph Curry, the face of the Warriors, recently faced a setback when he suffered from a left leg injury. On February 5, 2023, Curry left the Dallas Mavericks game with 2 minutes remaining in the third quarter because of what was thought to be a minor left leg injury. However, after an MRI it was later revealed he had partial tears to his superior tibiofibular ligaments and interosseous membrane, as well as a contusion to his lower leg. Without their star player, the Warriors had some big shoes to fill. Despite the setback, the Warriors were up for the challenge, maintaining a flow and continuing to win games even without a major contributor on the court. After missing 11 straight games due to the injury, Curry made his comeback on March 6, 2023. 

Steph isn’t the only member of the Warriors that has been making a difference as of late. Donte DiVincenzo and Jonathan Kuminga have been making a big statement. Kuminga scored 19 points in their victory against the Pelicans. Andre Iguodala has also returned after about a month of being gone. With Curry back the Warriors have a good shot for the playoffs this season. The Warriors have found a new spark and energy to prevail throughout the season.