Shiffrin the Snow  

By Rachel Walker 

Mikaela Shiffrin is a two-time Olympic gold winner. Her parents are former Olympic skiers as well. Shiffrin has won the most world cups of any woman with a record of 83 wins, recently passing Lindsey Von. She recently won four more races to surpass Ingemar Stenmark from Sweden, becoming the highest-awarded skier of all time. This year alone, Shiffrin has won five world cups. In fact, she won her first world cup when she was 17 years old and was the youngest to win slalom in the Olympics at the age of 18.  She was the second youngest American to win the world cup. Although she is close to the record, her intention isn’t to surpass the world record this year, though she did. Shiffrin ends the season with a record 21st World Cup win at Giant Salom!