Praise for Team Hairstylists

By Jacqui McLean 

If you have ever watched professional women’s sports, particularly softball, you have probably noticed that many of the women have elaborate and beautiful hair styles. Some curl their hair, have cute buns, or intricate braiding styles. While these hairstyles are often amazing, what we viewers do not see is the work that goes into creating such hairstyles and the most important part: “the hair stylist.”  

Since the age of nine, I have always been on softball teams that have at least one—but typically more— players who are designated to braiding the team’s hair or curling hair. Before games, players will line up to get their hair braided. Dutch braids, french braids, single braids, double braids, fishtails, the team hairstylist knows how to do them all. The team hairstylist adds flair to the team’s look as well as a bonding opportunity before games. Almost everyone  loves having their hair spiced up for game day. The team’s “hairstylist” is the one who gets the job done and shall forever receive praise.