We’re Home

By Cat Kemp

Harry Styles, the revolutionary and unique British pop star, has made his long-awaited return, releasing his third studio album in May of 2022. The album, Harry’s House, features 13 show stopping songs that made me dance, sing, and cry. Here are my ratings of each song on Harry’s House:

1. “Music For a Sushi Restaurant” 8/10

As the first song of the album, I was expecting a bang, and this absolute banger did not disappoint. Although I was a bit underwhelmed with the quite basic lyrics, the funky beat definitely makes up for it. The album starts off strong with this song, and it will no doubt be a bop at his concert.  

2. “Late Night Talking” 5/10

Although listening back to the album, I enjoyed “Late Night Talking,” there was nothing special about it to me initially. To be completely honest, after listening to the whole album the first time, I forgot this song even existed. However, I do enjoy the song. 

3. “Grapejuice” 6/10

Contrary to popular belief, I enjoy this song. However, similar to “Late Night Talking,” nothing stands out as special about this song. If you are in a good mood and just need some background music, this upbeat song wouldn’t be a bad choice to play; however, I do not think anyone is putting this song on when given aux. 

4. “As It Was” 8/10

As the first song released on this album, “As It Was” got a huge head start in the press. This song is the perfect mix of an upbeat melody and unreasonably sad lyrics. I absolutely adore this song, especially the bridge. The only reason this song doesn’t get a higher score is because I believe it is starting to get overplayed. 

5. “Daylight” 5/10

When I first heard this song, I thought it would be my least favorite on the album, and although it is certainly not my favorite, I must admit it has grown on me. The chorus, although a tad cheesy, is admittedly very cute. Another reason that this song was slightly underwhelming was because of Taylor Swift’s song, also titled “Daylight,” that is tough to beat in my books. 

6. “Little Freak” 6/10

I enjoyed this song. I was originally anticipating an upbeat, raunchy song from hearing the title, but I was pleasantly surprised with the tempo of this beat. The lyrics hit harder than you would expect from a song titled “Little Freak.” This would be a good song to listen to for a calm day or as background music. There’s nothing awful about this song, I was just craving a song similar to those of his first album with more of a rock style. 

7. “Matilda” 11/10

I SOBBED as I listened to this song for the first time—it’s needless to say that this is my favorite on the album. Each time I listen to it I tear up, and I know I am not alone in that. The lyrics of this beautiful song are so easy to relate to for so many people, which I deeply admire about this song. If you were only going to listen to one song off this album, make it “Matilda.”

8. “Cinema” 8/10

 This funky beat is a fun listen. As one of the longest songs on the album, “Cinema” has lots of instrumental pauses, however I am a big fan. The lyrics can get a bit repetitive, however it allowed me to learn them quickly, which I like. This song makes me want to break out and dance, and I always enjoy when it comes on. 

9. “Daydreaming” 10/10

My favorite upbeat song on the album, “Daydreaming” is a wonderful song. This song features a throwback retro-style beat with fun lyrics. There is not much to write about this song, it is just a good listen. 

10. “Keep Driving” 9/10

Fun, upbeat, and cute, “Keep Driving” is a sweet love song with a nice subtle melody. This song features both pleasant and more taboo conversations. Short and sweet, “Keep Driving” is in the top three for this album. 

11. “Satellite” 8/10
Featuring genius analogies, “Satellite” is a great song. This song depicts a struggling relationship, where the participants feel like they are going “round and round.” This song, combined with track 13, hopefully hints to a separation between Styles and his current girlfriend Olivia Wilde, who no one likes. I deeply enjoy this song and I will always love listening to it. 

12. “Boyfriends” 8/10

Because this song played early at the Coachella festival, it was no surprise that fans love this song. Although this song speaks about experiences I cannot say I have fully experienced, I can still sing my heart out to this banger. 

13. “Love Of My Life” 7/10

I was initially disappointed when I heard this song. Although I have recently changed my mind and decided that I like this song, it still stands as a disappointing finish to the album. If this song was thrown in somewhere in the middle I think I would have enjoyed it more the first time I listened to it, however as the albums closer I was just expecting more. However, listening to this song as a standalone, I do enjoy the beat and lyrics of the song. 

With all that said, I deeply enjoy listening to this album and there are many good songs that I would recommend you listen to whenever you have a chance!