Green: The Best Color on Earth

By Julia Kemp

If you know me, you know that I have made my entire identity—from my clothes, to my room, to my school supplies, to my accessories—all about green. I believe that absolutely no other color on Earth compares to the color green, and no one can change my mind on the fact that green is—and will always be—the greatest color to ever exist. Don’t believe me? Take a look around. The world is scattered with green; it’s the chlorophyll in the plants, the hue that signifies sickness and envy, the leaves in your salad, the light that means “go.” Though you might personally prefer purple, or yellow, or red, green is actually the best color on Earth, and I have the scientific facts to prove it. 

Green helps you see:

Did you know that out of every color, humans perceive green the best? This is because of the way that green sits on the color spectrum. Green lies in the middle of the color spectrum, and it helps to enhance green objects as well as blue and red. So, if green didn’t exist in the world, red and blue would be dull and lifeless. Not only is green a beautiful color, but also it helps people see other objects with more vibrance. 

Green helps you live longer:

Living in natural environments with plentiful vegetation extends your life. A 2016 study by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Brigham and Women’s Hospital compared the vegetation levels of homes and risk of death in over 100,000 participants, and the results were undeniable: the more green vegetation in your home or community, the lower your risk of death.

Green makes you more relaxed:

Because of the way that green lies on the color spectrum, it takes less effort and strain on the eyes to perceive green. Our nervous system is able to relax when you are surrounded by green because your eyes are working less. This is the reason why many hospitals, schools, and work environments are painted green. This is also why the word “green room” exists: actors and actresses who work long hours in front of bright lights are able to relax in an all-green room.

Overall, green spaces and decorations help you in so many different ways. You can argue all you want on the superiority of your favorite color, but at the end of the day green is the superior one.