Edible Energy

By Kendyl Brower  Take a stroll through the streets of Seville, Spain and you will encounter more than 50,000 tangy, delightfully scented orange trees. An emblem of the city, Seville oranges pack a bitter punch so strong that many do not find them appetizing. Moreover, once the oranges hit the ground, the fruits are quiteContinue reading “Edible Energy”

Upcoming Marvel

By Barry Hirshfeld Marvel Cinematic Universe has globally entertained a plethora of individuals of all ages, genders, and races for many years. Their interesting storylines surrounding a multiverse of superheroes continue to characterize many people’s childhoods. Marvel’s new, upcoming releases in phases 4 and 5 stir the film industry and increase their fans’ support: PhaseContinue reading “Upcoming Marvel”


By Olivia Pocat Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album, SOUR, encompasses wonderful music and amazing songwriting, all stemming from a very sour period in Olivia’s life. This album struck the world by storm, especially after the release of popular singles “driver’s license”, “deja vu”, and “good 4 u”. After finding fame in being a disney channel star,Continue reading “SOUR”

Short But Sweet

By Cassie Kim Short, but sweet—my four years of high school passed by in a blur, but despite the brevity of my time at Westmont, I have made so many memories with my friends and family. While our Senior year didn’t go according to plan, I still have so much to be grateful for. ThankContinue reading “Short But Sweet”

Wear a Helmet

By Astrid Popovici A few weeks ago, on a drizzly Sunday afternoon, I got bored of my chemistry homework and decided to go biking.  I went up a nearby mountain, pedaling until my legs burned on the uphills and smiling like an idiot as I enjoyed the brief downhills.   And then my bike slipped.  TheContinue reading “Wear a Helmet”

Looking Back

By Ben Wynd It’s hard to believe my freshman year and senior year were even at the same school. The first semester of freshman year feels completely foreign to me now. The next four years seemed so overwhelming and I remember thinking it was going to be an eternity until I started applying to colleges.Continue reading “Looking Back”

Time Flies

By Natasha Muller Senior year in some aspects was very slow but it also feels like time flew by.  I had never thought I would have to spend senior year all online. First semester was filled with tests, college application deadlines, essays, and lots of homework. When second semester rolled around the corner, I wasContinue reading “Time Flies”