Colorful Colorado

By Sadie York Of the various states I’ve traveled to, Colorado has always been one of my favorites.  As someone who enjoys more mountainous terrain, Colorado offers breathtaking views and experiences. Known for its diverse landscapes of deserts, canyons, and the infamous Rocky Mountains, it’s difficult to imagine a place more beautiful.  “The Centennial State,”Continue reading “Colorful Colorado”


By Kathryn Tanaka I can still recall the smells of food and gutter as I walked around San Francisco’s Chinatown in my youth. I held my grandma’s hand, following her through the produce stalls. As a five-year-old, Chinatown was just the place where I got to see fish swim in tanks, where I had toContinue reading “Chinatown”

Wrestling Preview

By Adam Sarsfield With the intergender sport of wrestling starting to take place, all competitors’ hard work and training are training to follow in the footsteps of the five members who reached the CCS playoff contest. The team has been completely rejuvenated with new blood and hopes to have many more players reach the higherContinue reading “Wrestling Preview”

Happy Jingles and Sorrowful Singles; a Winter Playlist

By Laura Lipcsei Chilly weather, building snowmen in Lake Tahoe, soft blankets tangled around me, hot cocoa warming me up from the inside; winter is such a diverse season. To capture this variety of winter experiences, I created a playlist with a multitude of song genres. From sorrowful singles to Christmas jingles, this playlist capturesContinue reading “Happy Jingles and Sorrowful Singles; a Winter Playlist”