Guilty as Charged

By Makenna Adams “Use your common sense. Believe your eyes. What you saw, you saw,” adamantly urged prosecutor Steve Schleicher to the jury present at the trial for Chauvin v. The State of Minnesota. Made up of four Black individuals, two individuals who identify as multiracial, and six white individuals, the jury present determined thatContinue reading “Guilty as Charged”

Crude Oils

By Astrid Popovici In the 1940s, American farmers were looking for ways to fatten up their pigs.  They tried feeding them coconut oil, but it made them leaner.  Thyroid-suppressing drugs were effective, but caused cancer in the pigs. But the farmers discovered that by feeding them corn and soybean oils, they could fatten the pigsContinue reading “Crude Oils”

Opening Day

By Elizabeth Flatley On Monday of March 29, 2021, Spring Training was officially over. The 30th of March marked a new hopeful season as the last was ended early. This season will hopefully be a good one as a fan favorite Buster Posey rejoined us back from September 29, 2019. Along with Buster Curt CasaliContinue reading “Opening Day”

Terrance Laird

By Ian Grosch Terrance Laird once again proved to the track and field world that he is out to get some major titles. He’s achieved  many accolades in a single season, being the fastest 200m sprinter this year clocking a time of 19.81 seconds. Along with his insane 100m dash reaching the prestigious sub-10 secondContinue reading “Terrance Laird”