Yum Yum Youngberries

By Makenna Adams If you are a bramble fanatic like myself, you ponder the notion of berry superiority. You think to yourself, “Ripe, ruby-red raspberries are always delicious. As are plump blueberries. But how do they fare against sweet, wild blackberries? What about succulent huckleberries?” I’ve personally wrestled with this idea at length, and have concludedContinue reading “Yum Yum Youngberries”

Celebrating 100 Years of the Women’s Vote

By Isabella Brady On June 4, 1919, Congress passed an imperative right of the United States legislature; the 19th Amendment. With apparent political bias, women were the latest segment deprived of this basic human right in the United States–50 years after the 14th Amendment of 1870, which promoted African American men’s voting rights. Formally ratifiedContinue reading “Celebrating 100 Years of the Women’s Vote”

Supreme Court 101- What Does “Packing the Court” mean?

By Olivia Merrick Following the death of women’s rights champion and Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, talk of filling her now-vacant chair jumped to the top of the headlines. With Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s recent appointment as the ninth Supreme Court Justice, questions remain about what will happen next. The current leading theory inContinue reading “Supreme Court 101- What Does “Packing the Court” mean?”

#Settle For Biden

By Claire DaQuino Although #SettleForBiden has become increasingly popular, the former Vice President’s policies show that when voting for Joe Biden, we are not settling, but in reality, voting for a president who believes in creating a more equitable, safe future for all citizens. But don’t just take my word for it. Read his plansContinue reading “#Settle For Biden”