By Anthony Economy I’ve had two root canals, a crown insertion, and a chip repair performed on my teeth. Were these the results of some near-death accident? No, these were the trials of being the youngest of five brothers. We grew up in chaos. On any given day, half our household could be engaged inContinue reading “Tooth-Hurty”

Using Abstract Fashion to your Advantage

By Diego Mantelli My fashion choices have been described as dubious, questionable, and conflicting. And quite frankly, all of those descriptions are true. But, I wasn’t named Most Fashionable student at Westmont. So here’s a comprehensive guide on how to combine abstract clothing pieces for fashion in the summer and winter. Everyone that knows meContinue reading “Using Abstract Fashion to your Advantage”

Colorful Colorado

By Sadie York Of the various states I’ve traveled to, Colorado has always been one of my favorites.  As someone who enjoys more mountainous terrain, Colorado offers breathtaking views and experiences. Known for its diverse landscapes of deserts, canyons, and the infamous Rocky Mountains, it’s difficult to imagine a place more beautiful.  “The Centennial State,”Continue reading “Colorful Colorado”