To Tok Or Not?

By Lily Bourne With calls to ban TikTok growing louder, many people have begun to question the necessity of the platform. TikTok hosts over 120 million monthly users on iOS alone, and the average user spends over an hour and a half on the app every day. However, many teens report screen times as highContinue reading “To Tok Or Not?”

The Odd One Out

By Keira De Vita I write with my left hand. I cannot do anything normally; I exist in a world that, although it is not that big of a deal, is quite literally not made for me. Scissors, credit card machines, video game controls (AWSD and a mouse), coffee mugs, door handles, and even refrigerators.Continue reading “The Odd One Out”


By Cat Kemp With the new year starting, the biggest club on campus and designated welcomers have returned! LIFE Crew — and its six commissioners — dedicate themselves to ensuring that everyone has a safe place on campus. This years commissioners have all shared what they are looking forward to. Make sure to find anyContinue reading “LIFE Crew”