Lovely Lawson

By Sinchana Holla & Rina Weaver Wendy Lawson, IM1, AP Calculus AB and BC teacher,  has an elegant style. Lawson’s student, Isabel Kikoshima, exclaims, “I love how her outfits are so color coordinated!” Everyone gushes over Lawon’s outfits as she walks into class everyday! Here is an inside scoop into Ms. Lawson’s fashion extravaganza. DescribeContinue reading Lovely Lawson

Split to Save

By Ojas Joshi Recently, popular outdoor clothing company Patagonia shocked the world by announcing a split in their companies shares. In a mission to combat climate change and protect company policies, Patagonia’s eccentric founder and ex-owner Yvon Chouinard decided to split Patagonia into two different entities. The first, Patagonia Purpose Trust, consisting of Chouinard’s childrenContinue reading Split to Save

Hot New Styles 

By Lauren Marino  The year of 2022 has been all about trends on social media. Today the most common platforms we see are Instagram, Tik Tok, and snapchat. Each of these platforms have continued to show off the newest fashion trends, including hairstyles. Recently we have seen the trending style of slick back hair. It’sContinue reading Hot New Styles 

Study Hall Survey

By Jacqui McLean Due to the new study hall schedule and numerous opinionated students, we conducted a survey about students’ thoughts on study hall.  Do you ever have any problems during study hall?  I was pleasantly surprised to hear that most students do not have problems during study hall. Although, there were still a decentContinue reading Study Hall Survey