Quit Toks

By Cuinn Huber In December of 2021 over four million Americans decided to quit their jobs among those several decided to do so via the most hip trendy app of the moment Tik Tok. These people have made what has come to be known as “quittoks” among the youth. This is just barely scratching theContinue reading “Quit Toks”

The Worst Holiday

By Rina Weaver Between the stress of finding an impeccable gift for your boo, the anxiety of finding a Valentine if you’re single, and the pressure to spread love to people you don’t even like, there are plenty of ways Valentine’s Day is tremendously toxic. The actual meaning of love is materialized and demeaned byContinue reading “The Worst Holiday”

Crema Cafe 

By Kendyl Brower and Sophia Christensen  On our hunt for the best local cafe, we hit up ten different spots, rating environment, hours, location, and most importantly, coffee. After countless hours and too many lattes to count, we have granted Crema Cafe the honor of being our regular coffee shop. With an eclectic variety ofContinue reading “Crema Cafe “