By Yaoci Gamboa The girl stares out the window, Watching the snow gently fall Like a white blanket covering the ground. Small snowflakes, delicately dance in the sky. She curls up on the small, comfortable couch, wraps the thick, soft blankets Enveloping her in warmth. Her mother comes to the room, A mug of hotContinue reading “Winter”


By Julia Kemp It’s the crinkle of branches as you wander through a forest Or the pitter patter of a squirrel across a wooden fence. It’s the sound of a page turning in a book And the still whistle of the wind through green spring trees.  Quiet It’s the difference between something and nothing, NotContinue reading “Quiet”


By Alessandra Kelly once lost  now found  the world doesn’t feel as bleak with someone you trust by your side  before i would fear everyone near would disappear however others will appear and those individuals now remain the most dear  thank you to all who remain with me through big and small 

Trevor Gorji

By Austin Lin Trevor Gorji, the founder of “Fugazi Amici” is an individual I look to for fashion inspiration. I first found out about Trevor from YouTuber’s Jacob Wallace and Fernando Rangel. (Who I’ve written previous articles about.) I soon followed his instagram and was instantly attracted to his style. A simple and clean yetContinue reading “Trevor Gorji”