“Act of War” Accusations Following Rwanda and DRC Conflict

By Faith Gonia A recent breach of Rwanda airspace by the Democratic Republic of the Congo reignited a decades-long conflict between the two African countries. On Tuesday, January 24, Rwanda’s military fired on a DR Congo fighter jet. The opposing nations have maintained vastly disconnected perspectives on Tuesday’s event.  Rebutting a claim by Rwanda thatContinue reading ““Act of War” Accusations Following Rwanda and DRC Conflict”

Chaos in Brasília

By Nick Murray On January 8, thousands of supporters of former Brazilian President Jair Bolsanaro marched on the Three Powers Plaza in Brazil’s capital, Brasília. The far right protests argued that the latest Presidential election had been stolen by the current president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, commonly referred to as Lula.  In the process,Continue reading “Chaos in Brasília”

Country in Crisis

By Carter Cormier Haiti faces one of the worst crises in recent history due to gang violence, a cholera outbreak, and the assassination of their president a year ago. Their government is in shambles with no president since, and a prime minister who was never technically sworn in. They are facing widespread food insecurity, inflation,Continue reading “Country in Crisis”

Dogs vs Cats

By Amelia Lipcsei and Isabel Kikoshima Isabel: Cats are the best pets. Amelia: Dude, you literally always say how annoying it is that your cat rips up your things. Isabel: Yes… but your dog always tries to bite me. Amelia: At least I don’t have scratches on me 24/7. Isabel: That’s just their way ofContinue reading “Dogs vs Cats”

France vs America

By Julia Kemp & Olivia Pocat France has the best cheese. The monuments in Paris are amazing and fun to visit, like the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, Notre Dame, or the Arc de Triomphe. The culture is rich with art, showcased at museums like the Louvre or Centre Pompidou. The food and pastries are delicious andContinue reading “France vs America”

Capitalism vs. Socialism

By Ojas Joshi Capitalism: So… Socialism: So… Capitalism: So what’s with those taxes already? Jeez Louise you guys must love donating your money. Socialism: And you must love watching inequality unfold over centuries. Capitalism: Are you serious right now? Socialism: Well we are all about equality. What’s wrong with that? Capitalism: Well we’re all aboutContinue reading “Capitalism vs. Socialism”