Mob Psycho 100

By Adam Sarsfield

The anime Mob Psycho 100 is an adaptation of the original manga Mobu Saiko Hyaku that features Shigeo Kageyama, more commonly referred to as Mob, trying to learn about his telekinetic powers. He had been recruited by Reigen Arataka to work at his exorcism business because of his powers. The anime opens with a couple getting a consultation about a demonic presence in a building the woman had passed by. Reigen is a con man who tricks people into thinking that he can genuinely exorcize demons while using Mob’s supernatural powers to actually defeat the evil spirits. The show uses a unique design for its characters which allows the animators more freedom to express deeper emotions. The original manga was released in April of 2012 and was serialized until December 2017. In those five years the manga ran there were a total of 16 volumes released that contained 101 chapters with one epilogue being released as the final chapter. In regards to the anime series, there has been a confirmed final season for the show making it a 3-season long series with 25 episodes each. 

 I have not gotten far in the series, but I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good comedy show to watch the episodes I have watched. Mob’s personality mixed with Reigens makes for a very entertaining quiet guy loud guy dynamic and the show uses this very well to further the plot. So far in my experience with the show Mob is shown to have extremely powerful abilities that make any opponent brought in front of him to be powerless in comparison. Mob’s quiet and calm mind helps him fight the ghost he needs to exorcise without putting any real effort into the fight.