Week 5 NFL Updates

By Adam Sarsfield

With Week 5 of the NFL season flying by, there are some more details and predictions for some of the highest awards that can be earned by players in the regular season. For the MVP, most valuable player award, Lamar Jackson, QB for the Baltimore Ravens, is a prime candidate. Aaron Rodgers, QB from the Green Bay Packers, Josh Allen, QB from the Buffalo Bills, and Justin Herbert, QB from the Los Angeles Chargers are also in the early MVP conversation. Something interesting to note is that since 2001 there have only been three MVP winners that have not been quarterbacks and the three have all been running backs. Considering this, league leading rusher Derrick Henry may have a case for MVP this year. Surprisingly, according to Fansided, an online NFL newspaper page, Trey Lance, QB, from, the 49ers is expected to receive Offensive Rookie of the Year despite his lackluster play so far this season. For the Defensive Rookie of the Year, it is expected that Trevon Diggs, CB, Dallas Cowboys will win the award according to the NBC sports page. Additionally, with 6 interceptions in only 5 games, Diggs has a real shot at winning defensive player of the year. Besides awards, last year’s super bowl champions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, are still going strong, leading their division with a record of 4-1 and Tom Brady at the helm. Surprisingly, the Kansas City Chiefs, last years super bowl participants, are in the dredges of the league so far, with a record of 2-3, despite their superstar talent in Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce. Early super bowl favorites are the 5-0 Arizona Cardinals led by rising quarterback Kyler Murray, with the Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Chargers, Los Angeles Rams, and Green Bay Packers all having a genuine shot at a championship this year as well. In more general news, kickers have been absolutely off the mark recently, leading to some seriously entertaining games, such as this sunday’s Packers v Bengals, in which 5 total field goals were missed in the fourth quarter and overtime alone. Despite kicking woes, the league is still sorting itself out, with the expected teams coming out in front, and entertaining football being played at least four days a week.

Dallas Cowboys 4-1: NFC East LeadersBuffalo Bills: 4-1: AFC East Leaders
Washington Football Team: 2-3New England Patriots: 2-3
Philadelphia Eagles: 2-3 Miami Dolphins: 1-4
New York Giants: 1-4New York Jets: 1-4
Arizona Cardinals 5-0: NFC West LeadersLos Angeles Chargers: 4-1: AFC West Leaders
Los Angeles Rams: 4-1Denver Broncos: 3-2
Seattle Seahawks: 2-3Las Vegas Raiders: 3-2
San Francisco 49ers: 2-3Kansas City Chiefs: 2-3
Green Bay Packers: 4-1: NFC North LeadersBaltimore Ravens: 4-1: AFC North Leaders
Chicago Bears: 3-2Cincinnati Bengals: 3-2
Minnesota Vikings: 2-3Cleveland Browns: 3-2
Detroit Lions: 0-5Pittsburgh Steelers: 2-3
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 4-1: NFC South LeadersTennessee Titans: 3-2: AFC South Leaders
Carolina Panthers: 3-2Houston Texans: 1-4
New Orleans Saints: 3-2Indianapolis Colts: 1-4
Atlanta Falcons: 2-3Jaguars: 0-5