Eats, 3, 2024

Boba Frenzy Boba Review 

By Gio Arteaga

“Boba, a classic drink invented in Taiwan, has become a global sensation millions have come to love. For me, Boba has become an outlet for me and my friends that has definitely taken a LARGE toll on my bank account. This issue, I’ll be ranking three of my personal favorite boba places based on 3 criteria: the diversity of the drink menu, the quality of the boba/drinks, and the ambiance of each boba place. Finally, I’ll add my input and recommendations for what to order…”

Homemade Pasta

By Averi Halbert, Marina Halbert, and Diego Mantelli

“Pasta is life. Ask any self-respecting Italian, and they will agree. Pasta has roots in various cultures, from Vietnamese Pho, to Italian Cacio de Pepe. A cheap, easy to make, and easy to elevate ingredient, pasta tastes delicious and only requires a pot, water, and a heat source to make. While store bought pasta comes with convenience, nothing can beat the taste of homemade pasta. Here are some of our favorite recipes for homemade pasta and various pasta dishes…”