College Focus: Purdue University

By Anna Hanuska Walking around Purdue’s campus, you’ll see almost everyone wearing Purdue merch–whether that’s a sweatshirt, backpack, or even mask. Purdue students have a lot of pride in their school, creating a strong sense of community. That’s partly because the university is well established (152 years old!), but also because of the competitive athletics.Continue reading “College Focus: Purdue University”

Breakthrough in Food Allergy Advocacy: the FASTER Act

By Anna Hanuska Every 3 minutes, someone is rushed to the emergency room for a food allergic reaction. The fear of a painful or even fatal reaction from any food interaction is the unfortunate reality for the 85 million Americans with food allergies or intolerances. An often under-recognized disability, life-threatening food allergies affect 32 millionContinue reading “Breakthrough in Food Allergy Advocacy: the FASTER Act”

USC Pays Over $1 Billion to Settle Lawsuits Against Gynecologist

By Anna Hanuska For almost three decades, the University of Southern California employed George Tyndall. As the university’s only full-time gynecologist, he saw tens of thousands of young women until his suspension in 2016, despite complaints beginning in the 1990s. In 2018, USC agreed to an over $200 million settlement for a federal class-action lawsuitContinue reading “USC Pays Over $1 Billion to Settle Lawsuits Against Gynecologist”

Ethnic Studies Graduation Requirement: A Good Idea?

By Anna Hanuska Last fall, Governor Gavin Newsom vetoed a bill that would have required high school students to complete a one-semester ethnic studies course in order to graduate, disappointing many activists. His decision came mere weeks after signing a law requiring graduates of the California State University (CSU) system to complete an ethnic studiesContinue reading “Ethnic Studies Graduation Requirement: A Good Idea?”

Covid Sports Laws

By Anna Hanuska When the Covid-19 pandemic began, contact sports were quickly banned, but should they stay that way? With the limits left to each individual state or county, some teams have found ways around the restrictions. When Santa Clara County banned  soccer games, many teams traveled out to Modesto to play games and scrimmages,Continue reading “Covid Sports Laws”