Restaurant Review: Starbird Chicken

By Anna Hanuska

Are you a gluten-free person with a craving for fried chicken? Or even a regular person with a craving for fried chicken? Look no further than Starbird Chicken. With locations all over the Bay Area (including one in Campbell’s Pruneyard), Starbird offers all-natural, sustainably sourced fried chicken. The best part? The breading is gluten free! With a few exceptions (including but not limited to sandwiches, churros, and a handful of salads and sauces) everything at Starbird is safe for those avoiding gluten. They offer tenders, wings, sandwiches, tacos, and salads, all with house-made sauces. Additionally, they sell amazing house-made lemonade! 

My favorite menu items are the Classic Tender Box, California Roll Taco, and the Green Goddess Cobb salad (that’s my current go-to). Their fries are also amazing, especially since there is no need to worry about a shared frier with the tenders and wings being gluten-free. Additionally, their online ordering system is easy to navigate and the service is always timely. Overall, Starbird is a great local option for fried chicken!