The Price of Pink

By Kendyl Brower  Pink is my favorite color. From beauty products to stationary, I always find myself  gravitating toward the vibrant color while shopping. However, the pretty pink packaging can be deceiving, as pink packaged goods retail for a much heftier price than plain packaged versions of the same product. The cause? Third degree priceContinue reading “The Price of Pink”


By Olivia Pocat Award winning artist and cool mom, P!nk, or Alicia Beth Moore, has gained great success from her many albums and killer vocals. Her unique voice and styles have allowed her to propel her career to great lengths. In 1995, she signed with LaFace Records and released her first album in 2000. ThisContinue reading “P!NK”

Amazon River Dolphin: Seducer of the Night

By Sherry Zhang The Amazon river dolphins—otherwise known as the pink river dolphins or “botos”—are freshwater dolphins that reside in the Amazon and Orinoco river basin of South America. In South American culture, the Amazon river dolphins are viewed as mythical creatures and are involved in several legends and myths. In fact, one of theContinue reading “Amazon River Dolphin: Seducer of the Night”