Try Guys Try Cheating

By Julia Kemp

Serving as the most unproblematic YouTubers for most of their online fame, the “Try Guys” have entered the cancel-culture-circle after a recent cheating stunt with member Ned Fulmer. The Try Guys, infamous for trying everything from baking to drag to labor pain simulators, recently dominated pop culture with the disclosure of their outcast member’s unethical workplace relationship. 

Ned Fulmer, the Try Guys’ designated “wife guy,” cheated on his longtime wife Ariel with a Try Guys employee. In almost every single Try Guys video up until the scandal, Fulmer can be seen boasting about his beautiful wife and two children, claiming to be obsessed with his family. Fans of the YouTube quartet now cringe looking back at old videos, aware of his unfaithful actions.

This scandal began when Fulmer and Try Guys producer Alex Herring were spotted at a Harry Styles concert, appearing to be much more than coworkers. After pictures were posted on Twitter about the incident, the Try Guys launched an HR investigation, and found that Fulmer and Herring had been participating in a workplace relationship for quite a while. The Try Guys announced that they would be removing Fulmer from the company, as well as editing pre-shot videos including the adulterous Try Guy. 

Ariel, Fulmer’s wife and the victim of this cheating scandal, announced that she would be working through the relationship, and requested “privacy for the sake of (their) kids.” 

After countless TikTok memes, an SNL skit, and multiple videos from the remaining Try Guys discussing (in detail) the timeline of Fulmer’s infidelity, it’s clear that Ned Fulmer will not bounce back from this scandal. He will no doubt be a main course this Thanksgiving, probably gobbled up by the pop culture world for many months to come.