Amazing Feat!

By Alex Gryciuk

California native, freshman, running enthusiast — Sadie Engelhardt speeds past competition; performing exceptionally in both Cross Country and Track along the way. This impressive freshman recently won CIF Division 2 Track girls championships for not only the 1600 meter race, but also the 800 meter dash. In addition to running the fastest 1600m for 15 year olds globally, she stands a chance at defeating the national Mile (4:28.25), 1600 m, 1500m (4:04.62), and 800m (1:59.51) times for high school girls! Number one in the state, her mile time (4:35.6), 1600 meter time (4:33.29), and 800 meter time (2:05.66) demolished all recent competition. Definitely a runner to follow as she continues to crush records and impress her audience all through high school and beyond. Read down below for an interview with Saide Engelhardt, one of the most promising athletes in California!

​​What type of running watch do you use? Running shoes?

I use the Garmin 235 running watch. I wear the Nike Turbo 2’s to do regular runs, Nike spike flats to do workouts, and Nike Dragonflies to race.

What is your favorite brand of running shoe?

I honestly really like Nike because that’s pretty much all I’ve ever worn.

Do you own a pair of goodr’s?

I do not own a pair of goodr’s.

Do you have a watch tan? 

Yes I do have a watch tan haha.

Favorite track event?

Definitely the full mile.

Cross Country or Track and Field? Why?

I feel like I favor the season that I’m in at the time. For example now I would say Track, but during Cross [Country] I probably would say Cross Country.

What’s your race mantra? 

I like to tell myself to have fun. It can be a little tense at some points before the race so I keep in mind this is what I work hard for and this is the fun part of running.

What do you think about when you race? How about when you casually run? 

When I race I usually think about the plan that I had set for the race and I try to stick to that. On regular runs, I either listen to music/podcasts or just let myself think about whatever.

Favorite memory associated with running?

There’s definitely a lot.  But, I’d say that Arcadia and Runninglane championships in Alabama were definitely highlights just because of the atmosphere.