The Rock’s Rap Career

By Julia Kemp and Amelia Lipcsei

From WWE champion to award-winning actor to fashion icon, Dwayne Johnson has done it all. Inevitably, Johnson’s career led him to become a household name; nearly everyone on the planet can identify Johnson’s shiny bald head, pearly white smile, and dazzling bicipital muscles with ease. However, on October 8, Dwayne Johnson (also known as “The Rock”), transformed his iconic image from actor to rap god with the release of a prodigious rap anthem “Face Off.” Surprising the music world with his crisp flow and comedically motivating lyrics, The Rock dominated TikTok with his banger song. Many fans dueted his “Face Off” videos, emphasizing their utmost adoration for the “super cool” and “musically genius” rap legend. Following the release of his fire song, Dwayne Johnson himself tweeted that he “created this song for this exact reason, […] to motivate and inspire.” Whether the icon actually understood the witticism of the social media response is beyond our interpretive abilities; however, The Rock unquestionably took the internet by storm with his TikTok posts featuring a plethora of fire emoticons and awe-inspiring hashtags. 

With a revolutionary and intense anthem such as “Face Off” released in a world filled with weak-minded and lazy individuals, might we say betas, there’s no doubt that the song would inspire the very way in which people view life and success. As his epic song quotes, “It’s about drive, it’s about power, we stay hungry, we devour / Put in the work, put in the hours, and take what’s ours.” The Rock warns listeners of the level of alpha-ness required to understand the lyrics with expertise. Luckily, Westmont’s campus is ALPHAS ONLY, so it’s no wonder that students all over the Westmont campus declare their love for The Rock’s brilliant rap career, as they are infatuated with the monumental song and the genius rapper behind each bar. Junior Eliana Birnbaum states, “The Rock’s masterful song makes me feel as if protein shake is running through my veins. I feel unstoppable when I listen to his inspiring lyricism and hardcore rhythm.” Junior Emmy Portnoy similarly recounts the brilliancy of The Rock’s song, saying that “it is amazing- and possibly the best song put out this year.” Praises Emmy, “the Rock describes what “it’s about” (in a way that) is truly inspiring to hear, especially for young teens needing motivation.”

Appreciative of The Rock’s radiant music career, people all over the world repeatedly listen to his masterful rap. With great passion, Tiktok users everywhere praise “Face Off,” calling it the “song of the century.” As The Rock once ingeniously declared, “With drive and a little talent, you can move mountains, jabroni.”