Creating The Tyler

By Sophia Christensen 

Self-taught piano player, Tyler, The Creator has felt the love of music in his bones since he was 14 years old. Standing at 6’2, Tyler Gregory Okonma, better known as Tyler, The Creator, creates unforgettable melodies and lyrics. As a Record producer, Rapper, Actor, Music Video Director, TV Personality, and Screenwriter, Tyler truly does it all. From the ringleader of Odd Future to his most recent album, Call Me If You Get Lost, Tyler continues to bless our ears with his unique style of rap music. From as early as 2008, Tyler formed and fronted a rap group known as Odd Future while simultaneously working on his personal music. Releasing his first album “Goblin,” Tyler put in the works in 2011 as one year later Odd Future’s album “12 Odd Future Songs,” was released, both gaining massive presence in Top 100 Charts. Tyler signed with XL Recordings after the release of the single Yonkers, which came out shortly after Goblin, and the partnership continues today. 

My plan for this article was to choose my favorite album, break it down, and quite frankly — brag about it. However, I can’t seem to choose just one of my favorite albums so we’re gonna go ahead and talk about my love for four of them, and why you should find love for all four. 

  • Wolf

Tyler’s second album, Wolf diverges in intense imagery and upbeat sounds. There is an obvious vulnerability within this album as we dive deeper into the life of Tyler. The track “Answer,” opens the public up to Tyler’s relationship with his dad, or lack thereof. Rightfully bragging about his successes with hope his dad ‘answers the call’, Tyler creates bipolar and angry energy as he says later on in the song that he never needed him and never will. We continue to see bipolar energy in the song “IFHY”. With a destructive beat, Tyler lets out his anger on a girl using four strong words, and shortly after, he switches up by confessing his undenying love for her. “IFHY” presents Tyler’s trouble in regards to arranging his thoughts and emotions when it comes to love and this girl. For all the “Stan” by Eminem lovers, Tyler’s song “Colossus” matches those same vibes. Gaining greater attention in his music, Tyler addresses the dilemma of being famous. Although he appreciates his fans, creepy fan obsession is a price he has to pay for his newly found fame. “Colossus” starts off with a cute, dedicated fan who slowly grows into a creepy, sexually maniacal for Tyler. 

  • Flower Boy

Back in 2017, Tyler released the beautifully covered, Flower Boy album. The album cover truly reflects the beauty of the tracks within the album which consist of reflection and self-improvement. With previous tracks and albums obsessing over anger and isolation, Tyler transforms his disorientation and loneliness into lovely sounding tracks focusing on balancing his hardships. In order to grow as an artist and person, Tyler utilizes a nostalgic and meditative feel to all of the tracks in the album to represent his revelation. Tyler also gives us an inward look in his sexual awakening through “Garden Shed”, emphasizing his growth.  

  • IGOR

The long-awaited album, IGOR, tells a love story containing two different parts: the first half consisting of love and heartbreak, and the second part dealing with acceptance. The first part includes the songs: “Igors Theme”, “Earthquake”, “I Think”, “Exactly What You Run From”, “Running Out Of Time”, “New Magic Wand”, and “A Boy is A Gun.” Tyler goes on about his chase for love and how he cannot believe the lengths he goes to for this liberating feeling of love. Going through the album, we find out his person doesn’t feel the same way about him, which is a heartache I’m sure we can all relate to. Tyler eventually gives up on the chase but cannot seem to forget about this person or the love he felt. After experiencing a heart full of hurt and anger, Tyler realizes he needs to move on and stop wasting his time on someone who doesn’t feel the same. As Tyler moves on, so does his album. The second and final half contains the songs: “Puppet”, “What’s Good”, “Gone, Gone/Thank you”, “I Don’t Love You Anymore”, and “Are We Still Friends.” We diverge into Tyler’s overwhelming feelings regarding how he’s felt trapped and controlled by love for this one person. Tyler realizes he needs to come to his senses and break free from the hurt and rage. Admitting the importance of moving forward, Tyler ends the album concluding they will move on as friends and accepting the unfortunate truth — his crush did not feel the same way towards him. 


“I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE” is hands down one of the best tracks on this album. Although technically a two-in-one song (“SWEET/I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE”), the song consists of a beautiful melody and heart-grabbing lyrics as Tyler is so obviously in love with someone who does not feel the same way. Describing the sweetest qualities of someone in the first half of the song to accepting defeat and rejection in the second, Tyler feels as though he’s not enough. Feeling the isolation and loneliness rush back to him, he cannot understand why this sweet being refuses to “dance” with him. Although within the story of a song, she gives hints of liking him back, it is clearly not for the long-term that Tyler was aiming for. In his eyes, she is perfect, but Tyler accepts the rejection and moves on feeling isolated yet again.