Clickbait Review

By Heder Ambriz

Netflix’s new show, Clickbait, aired on August 25, and it was certainly an adventure while watching it. Beware, there are spoilers about the show ahead, you’ve been warned, continue with your own caution… There were several moments where you could easily blame anyone to be the cause of Nick Brewer’s murder.  Throughout the show, it was all about finding the truth about Nick Brewer and how he went missing. At first, it was suspected that he cheated on his wife and was in an affair with another woman. But we later discover that this turned out to be a setup by someone else. Someone went around making fake dating profiles with Nick Brewer’s face and actually would make fake relationships. When the culprit had enough from the fake relationship, the other partner took her own life because she thought what they had was real. To continue, the brother of the woman who killed herself would go on to try and find Nick Brewer and kidnap him. Fortunately, they let him go after a while, but when Nick Brewer went to a house of a friend he knew, that’s where he got killed because he found out that his friend was the one making the fake dating profiles of him. Overall, it is a great show to watch and a great experience because it involved a lot of mystery within it.