Nailed It!

By Alessandra Kelly 

Nails – one of the most frivolous expenses an individual can spend their hard earned money on. However, I recently have delved into the realm of nails and nail art, and I for one believe them to be a quintessential item to truly portray an individual’s personal style.  

Within nail art, an individual has many choices to personalize their manicure experience. For example, nails can be changed to different shapes to fit an individual’s desired aesthetic. Nail shapes may range from almond, oval, square, stiletto, and ballerina to simply name a few. Additionally, consumers have various nail art styles to choose from to create a unique set of nails. Personally, I prefer an almond-shaped nail with simple nail art to allow for my nails to match any outfit I wear during school, outside, etc. I tend to wear more neutral colors on a day to day basis, therefore, I select more neutral and cool-toned nail polish to match!

For anyone interested, a high quality nail salon, Just Nails, is located in the Orchard Farms Shopping Center and their workers truly execute excellence with every appointment I have there. The estheticians take their time to customize the nails to your liking, and work to include even the little details in your nail art. Ultimately, I hope others explore the world of nails to truly express themselves and their personal style(s).