The Uprise of Low-rise Jeans

By Cat Kemp

Sitting on a purple square of a rainbow carpet in elementary school while picking a wedgie in 2010 is all I can think about when I put on low-rise jeans. Although many people adore the returning style of low-rise jeans, they are too uncomfortable for my taste. Jeans are a very popular item of clothing—they are versatile and can be worn by a person of any age. I wear jeans almost everyday and love how they look, but low-rise jeans are not for me. Personally, I prefer high-rise jeans because they are way more flattering on my body and they are much more comfortable. I agree that on a vast number of people low-rise jeans are cute and easy to style, but I just can not get over how uncomfortable they are. I have tried to like low-rise jeans, I own a pair that I have never worn and I try to wear them, but no matter how I adjust them something always feels off. It always feels to me like they are falling off, and it may just take some getting used to, but low-rise jeans are a no from me.