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This exclusive section highlights Joe Biden’s advisory body and their roles within the government.

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Get to know your Homecoming court with these exclusive interviews!

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By Cassie Kim

This Day In History: April 29

By Meriem Cherif 

1289- Egyptian Sultan Qala’un captures Tripoli.

1429- Joan of Arc brings Orleans, France a victory against Britain.

1813- J.F. Hummel patents rubber.

1852- The first Peter Roget’s Thesaurus is published.

1861- During the Civil War, the Union army captures New Orleans.

1879- Electric lights are used for the first time in Cleveland, Ohio.

1913- Gideon Sundback patents the zipper.

1945 – The German Army surrenders to the Allies, unconditionally, in Italy.

1945- The Dachau concentration camp in Southern Germany is liberated.

1955- Jerry Seinfeld is born.

1961- ABC’s premieres its television program “Wide World of Sports.”

1974- President Nixon releases the edited transcripts of his secret tape recordings related to the Watergate scandal. 

1990- The destruction of the Berlin Wall begins.

1997- Cosmonaut Vasily Tsibliyev and astronaut Jerry Linenger go on the first U.S.-Russian space walk.

2015- The White Sox and Baltimore Orioles play a baseball game with no audience due to ongoing Baltimore protests. This was the first time in Major League Baseball history that a game was played in front of an empty house.

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