Issue of the Issue: Sexual Harassment 7

Issue of the Issue: Sexual Harassment

The 97%

By Makenna Adams

This number has been a recent topic of debate, both in online spheres and in conversations globally. The figure refers to the 97% of women ages 18 to 24 who have experienced some form of sexual harassment.

Most Men is Enough Men

By Cassie Kim

There is something wrong with our society, not because all men are bad people, but because the way our society nurtures young boys teaches them to view women as less.

Rape Culture: Why it’s Hard to Come Forward

By Kendyl Brower

A variety of factors contribute to the difficulty of coming forward, but the issue boils down to one underlying theme: rape culture.

Sharing Stories on Instagram

By Olivia Pocat

Instagram pages have been beneficial to thousands of women, and some men, to bravely share their stories and experiences. 

Rape Culture in Pop Culture

By Lindsay Der

Popular culture possesses a huge role in the spread of rape culture, which results in the staggeringly high statistics of sexual harassment crimes. Movies brush past occurrences of sexual assault for the sake of the story or create a joke out of the serious issue.

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