Halloween 3, 2023

Westmont’s Spooky Encounters

Red and orange leaves blown around by gustful winds, pumpkins taking over every aspect of normal life, cobwebs decorating doorways, candy filling up aisles at grocery stores ā€” Halloween, the best part of fall, is upon us. Tis the season of all things spooky.

As October 31st rolls around the corner, many can not help but indulge in their own fair share of eerie activities to get in the holiday spirit. Horror movie viewing, haunted house tours, and sharing ghost stories are among the most popular; though, one can not forget to chow down on some favorite candy treats. Thus, in an effort to get our school in the spirit of Halloween ā€” the creepiest time of year ā€” I set out to find what ghostly encounters our staff and students have experienced.