No More Halloween Haunt

By Madeline Crowley

As a Great America season pass holder, the Halloween Haunt was the event I looked forward to most every fall. As trick or treating became less important, the more thrilling activity became visiting the creepy haunted houses and attractions found at Great Americas haunt nights with all your friends. The many Halloween Haunt lovers have been heartbroken to find out that Great America announced they will not be carrying on the spooky tradition anymore. Instead, they will be replacing it with a month-long event they call Tricks and Treats. It is meant to be a more family friendly event with all fun and no fright. This new addition will surely not be the same as the beloved Halloween Haunt. However, if you are looking for a place to give you a thrilling Halloween scare, there are many haunted house attractions in the Bay Area. You can even pay a visit to the very highly rated fear overload scream park located in Newark, CA (around 30 mins from Westmont).  There are also numerous Halloween festivals taking place nearby at various schools and churches which include carnival games, food, Halloween themed activities, and mini haunted houses which may be worth checking out!