Eight Spooky Season Festivities

By Cynthia Andary 

  1. Carve pumpkins.

Grab some friends and some pumpkins to carve. You can carve anything: cats,

a moon with stars, a scary face, or a bat. The options are endless, just have fun and let your creativity take over.

  1. Decorate the front of your home.

This is a fun activity to get your family in the Halloween spirit. You can make your house scary by adding webs with large spiders and making your lawn a graveyard. If you already carved some pumpkins add those to your porch by the front door.

  1. Visit a corn maze.

Not only is it fun to work with your friends to get to the end of a corn maze. After you are done there will be more activities: some places offer wagon rides, farm animal petting, and food.

  1. Go to a pumpkin patch.

A pumpkin patch is a great place to find some pumpkins to carve and a fun place to take some fall pictures with friends.

  1. Explore a haunted house.

If you’re seeking a thrill this fall, find a haunted house near you. For example, Great America has a Halloween Haunt where there are people in scary costumes and bloody makeup walking all over popping out of random places and scaring guests. It sounds silly, but it’s more terrifying than you would think.

  1. Make Halloween sugar cookies.

Find a yummy sugar cookie recipe online and cut out your cookie dough with fun Halloween cookie cutter shapes like a pumpkin, owl, skeleton, bat, and ghost. Then make some frosting to decorate the cookies with.

  1. Have a Halloween movie marathon.

If you’re looking to have a cozy fall night at home, queue some of your favorite Halloween thrillers, grab a big blanket, and make some popcorn.

  1. Host a Halloween party. 

If you don’t want to trick or treat this year, a fun way of celebrating is to host a gathering for friends and/or family. Everyone can bring snacks and dishes that have a Halloween twist. Some ideas are making a vegetable platter that looks like a pumpkin, spaghetti with fake eyeballs in it, taco dip topped with sour cream that is used to make a spiderweb pattern.