To Skate

By Carter Cormier Barren hands chilled with a sliding breeze Shaky ankles beneath unstable knees Upon gleaning blades, that hold upright Tattered skates, with laces pulled tight To glide forward, left and right Between all ages, smiles alight  Makes all the laughs worth the stumbles and tumbles Despite the many breaks, I sure love toContinue reading “To Skate”


By Anjali Nayak  Rummaging through my mind  I find things  That should otherwise go unnoticed  Thinking long and hard  I become old  I age faster than time moves  An hour is suddenly thirty years


By Sydney Reese How do you make plants grow?  Starting as a seed, not yet formed  Placed in the ground, ready to sow With time, hoping the seed transformed  But what happens if  The wind is too strong  The ground is too dry  The nutrients gone  Or what happens if  The water overflows and floods Continue reading “Seeds “


By Nupur Kudapkar  every saturday  time goes by incredibly fast when i’m with you  12 pm turns into 8 pm in a snap  then time makes sure to let us have  a swift goodbye  a quick hug and then  i’m alone once more   in the emptiness of my room  counting down the days until nextContinue reading “Saturdays”

Modern Romeo

By Julia Kemp Shall I compare thee to Lana del Rey? Thou art more curvy, thine body great Rough winds do shake mine lego bouquet And GTA’s lease hath all too short a date; Sometime too hot mine xbox shines, And often the monitor light dimm’d; And teenage looks sometime declines, By chance or nature’sContinue reading “Modern Romeo”

Career Spotlight: An Interview with New York Times Photographer, Richard Termine

By Isabella Brady Attending the University of Connecticut to receive a Fine Arts degree in Puppetry, Richard Termine began working with Sesame Street in 1980. Designer of Placido the Flamingo, Sesame Street‘s aviary tenor, Termine’s creation became renowned as an “influential early introduction to opera” (Muppet Wiki). Termine was honored for his contributions to SesameContinue reading “Career Spotlight: An Interview with New York Times Photographer, Richard Termine”


Welcome to The Shield‘s annual satire section.  Writers use satire to improve a problem in society. Sometimes readers misunderstand the satire as they do not recognize the hyperbole, irony, rhetorical questions, sarcasm, and understatements. Readers may mistake the satirical solution for the actual solution that the writer proposes. The ideas in these satire stories do not necessarilyContinue reading “Discomfort”