TikTok Takeover?

By Adam Sarsfield When surrounded by biased and untrustworthy news, there is hardly any way for the teens and young adults of the future to trust any information they receive via news channels. One outlying creator by the name of Jeff Jackson has emerged as a source of information that many deem trustworthy. Finding stardomContinue reading “TikTok Takeover?”

Voter Registration Angers Republicans

By Anjali Nayak Governor Josh Shapiro of Pennsylvania announced that the nation’s largest swing state would soon implement automatic voter registration. Shapiro directed the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and the Department of State to change the system by which citizens register to vote while receiving a license or identification card. The state has simply startedContinue reading “Voter Registration Angers Republicans”

AOTI: Celena Ichikawa PIRKL

By Owen Andersen and Gavin Bowyer Prolific gymnast. Elite marching band member. Decorated Pit member. “Celena Ichikawa Pirkl!!!” redefines the meaning of ‘athlete.’  After eleven years of gymnastics, Celena stole 1st place in all-around performance in her age group at the 2018 NorCal State Competition—“That was the first time I’ve gotten first overall. I’m veryContinue reading “AOTI: Celena Ichikawa PIRKL”

Fall Sports Recap

By Lily Bourne As the fall season winds to a close, Westmont’s many talented athletes can finally take a break from the stressful first season of the year. Looking back on our six successful sports, we are proud of all of our warriors’ hard work and accomplishments!  Girls Wapo Record: Season 10-7, League 6-4 Stats:Continue reading “Fall Sports Recap”

Westmont’s Fall Photographers

By Kendall Albrecht and Anjali Nayak As fall sports come to a close, athletes flood Instagram with season recap posts. The perfect way to reflect on the season, viewing photos of players in action excites all Westmont students. Thrilling action shots, heartwarming poses with friends, and spirited student section pictures highlight Westmont’s Warriors, giving everyoneContinue reading “Westmont’s Fall Photographers”

Nationals Bound

By Kendall Albrecht Although they must leave football behind, Westmont’s Cheerleaders stay busy. Entering competition season, the team works tirelessly to perfect their two-and-a-half-minute routine—packed with stunts, tumbling, and jumps. Hours of practice paid off; the cheerleaders placed second at their first competition (on November 4) and qualified for NHSCC nationals in Florida, already earningContinue reading “Nationals Bound”

Winter Percussion Preview

By Faith Gonia As the Marching Band season comes to an end, many of Westmont’s talented musicians will continue to play in Winter Percussion. Beginning in January, Winter Percussion both competes in various competitions and performs frequently throughout the season. Last year, the group achieved impressive statistics. Out of five competitors, Westmont’s Winter Percussion justContinue reading “Winter Percussion Preview”