Yas Trader Joes

By Alex Gryciuk & Jen Mejia Trader Joe’s sells a wide range of chips that may be used as appetizers, sides, snacks, and more. The variety of products available include many options for individuals with dietary restriction, there are vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, and other dietary dips. The simple dips are ideal for a quick biteContinue reading “Yas Trader Joes”

Hungry for Hummus?

By Isabel Kikoshima A beautiful concoction of chickpeas, lemon, and garlic—hummus pairs perfectly with a variety of snacks. From veggies, to pita chips, to falafels, and so much more, hummus provides a smooth and savory addition to any pairing. Originating in Egypt, hummus has many health benefits due to the protein-packed chickpeas in the dip.Continue reading “Hungry for Hummus?”


By Lauren Marino & Cat Kemp  Chick fil a is known for their unique sauces and the variety that they offer. We decided to rank the different sauces based on flavor, texture and how well it goes with all of their products. Here is our take on the infamous chick fil a sauces.  With itsContinue reading “Dip-fil-A “

China’s Balloon in US Airspace: Diplomatic Tension and Spying Concerns

By Carter Cormier Once spotted flying over Montana in early February, news concerning China’s “Meteorologist Balloon” has spread in a frenzy. The balloon has caused both apprehensive and defensive dialogues between the United States and China.  As of recently, the diplomatic relationship between the U.S. and China has been thoroughly strained. Trade wars, embargos onContinue reading “China’s Balloon in US Airspace: Diplomatic Tension and Spying Concerns”