Bro What

By Makenna Adams Bro what. How did everything go so fast? If you told me today that my last day of fifth grade was tomorrow, I’d grab my trusty rainbow loom kit, (a coveted, contraband lunchtime staple) Rachel Levy’s hand, a slew of model erasers, and race into Ms. Lavia’s classroom for a day ofContinue reading “Bro What”


By Makenna Adams A tunnel of light escapes the jar Inside sits a firefly, glowing like a star Jar in hand, I chase a second into the lake Warm waves of water wash up while I wade They’re on a highway, moving with great speed It’s the Indy 500, and they’re racing through the reedsContinue reading “Fireflies”

Guilty as Charged

By Makenna Adams “Use your common sense. Believe your eyes. What you saw, you saw,” adamantly urged prosecutor Steve Schleicher to the jury present at the trial for Chauvin v. The State of Minnesota. Made up of four Black individuals, two individuals who identify as multiracial, and six white individuals, the jury present determined thatContinue reading “Guilty as Charged”

The 97%

By Makenna Adams What is the 97%? This number has been a recent topic of debate, both in online spheres and in conversations globally. The figure refers to the 97% of women ages 18 to 24 who have experienced some form of sexual harassment.  The data was collected by the United Nations Entity for GenderContinue reading “The 97%”