The 97%

By Makenna Adams What is the 97%? This number has been a recent topic of debate, both in online spheres and in conversations globally. The figure refers to the 97% of women ages 18 to 24 who have experienced some form of sexual harassment.  The data was collected by the United Nations Entity for GenderContinue reading “The 97%”

Education Scarcity

By Makenna Adams Amidst the pandemic, I’ve grown a deep appreciation for school. Working remotely, I yearn for the chance to attend in-person classes, where I can socialize, ask detailed questions, and learn hands-on. Though at times it proves challenging, I’m ultimately very grateful for my education. Unfortunately, not every child has the same educationalContinue reading “Education Scarcity”

Perils of Palm Oil

By Makenna Adams Lipstick, instant noodles, and shampoo—these items share one common ingredient: palm oil. Native to South America and West Africa, palm oil is the most used and consumed oil in the world. Most packaged items sold today contain palm oil, and its rapid growth threatens areas of the world with the most biodiverseContinue reading “Perils of Palm Oil”

Anything Goes Review

By Makenna Adams YouTuber, fashion icon, and teen idol—Emma Chamberlain has been dominating social media since her rise to fame in 2017. Emma began her YouTube channel at the end of her sophomore year in high school, where she chronicled the adventures she embarked on in her daily life. Immediately, her outgoing personality amassed aContinue reading “Anything Goes Review”

Muse News

By Makenna Adams Can you name a song title that includes a color? (Many good choices.) Senior Joana Iniguez: “Blue Dream” by Jhene Aiko Junior Ryan Chadoin: “Blue Otani” by Herbie Hancock Sophomore Angelie Weiss: “Beige” by Yoke Lore Freshman Matthew Schoos: “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison What movie was so wildly successful thatContinue reading “Muse News”