By Makenna Adams

A tunnel of light escapes the jar

Inside sits a firefly, glowing like a star

Jar in hand, I chase a second into the lake

Warm waves of water wash up while I wade

They’re on a highway, moving with great speed

It’s the Indy 500, and they’re racing through the reeds

Success! I catch it and splash to the shore

I celebrate and peer down into the jar

Little bugs glitter as I make the vessel turn

Casting a kaleidoscope of pretty patterns

The night sky is lit bright 

With their glimmering light

I laugh as one lands on my tongue, on my ear

Their violin-like buzz is all that I hear

I watch in awe as their little lights blink

Irregular, incredible, imperfectly in synch

If I ever again 

See those dancing dots of ember

Tranquil nights with fireflies 

I will remember