Warriors Wrap Up Season 1

By Makenna Adams

The wonderfully-talented warriors wrapped up Season 1 of athletics earlier this month. Season 1 included cross country, field hockey, girls volleyball, and football. Covid restrictions made practicing and competing difficult at first, but after our athletes swiftly adapted, they ended the season triumphantly. Read on to learn more about the stats and records for each team and to hear from some of our accomplished athletes. 

Cross Country

Record: 7-0. Boys and Girls League Champions.

Freshman Kiarra D’Arcangelo discloses, “I enjoyed meeting everyone on the team and running hard. We won leagues which is super awesome and it was 100% a team effort”

Field Hockey

Record: 6-2 

Tayley Mitchell, senior, contends, “I thought going back this season would not be as fun as it was in the past, but I was wrong. We tried to make the best of every moment we had together. while the season was shorter than normal, we bonded and became good friends fast. Whether it was laughing at practice or running a mile we always tried to stay positive and have a good time, and I wouldn’t trade this season for anything.”

Girls Volleyball

Record: … “we played as a team and played hard!”

Proudly, senior Jordan Flowers tells, “This season was really weird because we had to start practicing out on the field before we got into the gym. Even then we only had one-three days to actually practice on the gym floor. We also had to test every week (which I didn’t mind) but some tests didn’t come out correctly which affected our season a bit. For the girls that do club & high school [volleyball], it  was hard juggling both at the same time especially with practice & games being on the same day almost at the same time. Overall, the girls made the most of it and they can’t wait to prepare for next season.”


Record: 2-2 

Senior Luca Zaya shares, “My experience was very fun getting to meet new people and learn a new sport with the team. I just wish my knee would have held up lol.” (Luca experienced a knee injury at the end of the season. We are wishing him a speedy recovery!)