Bro What

By Makenna Adams

Bro what. How did everything go so fast? If you told me today that my last day of fifth grade was tomorrow, I’d grab my trusty rainbow loom kit, (a coveted, contraband lunchtime staple) Rachel Levy’s hand, a slew of model erasers, and race into Ms. Lavia’s classroom for a day of adventure on my final day of elementary school. I wouldn’t even question if we suddenly reversed in time.

Now, I’m writing this reflection on the eve of my third to last Friday of high school and muttering to myself, “bro…what.”

I ask this because my time in high school has gone by so unbelievably fast. And I know this experience isn’t unique—since I first walked onto Westmont’s campus in 2017, I’ve been told time and time again that “it all goes by so fast.” What exactly is it, though? I’ve arrived at the conclusion after four years of being a warrior that “it” is by no means one thing. 

Every person has an “it.” Freshman year, I knew right away that my “it” was cross country and track. When I joined the cross country team for a summer training run one hot morning in July, I instantly became part of a warm-hearted, determined family. Madi Zanardelli, Melissa Radlinksy, Hannah Wolf, Lily Stockmans, Aneska Lee, Avalon Kelly, and Alex Gruciyuk—thank you for being the best teammates-turned-friends I could ask for. I owe my teammates utmost gratitude for enriching my athletic career and for encouraging my athletic endeavors throughout high school, I have my spectacular coaches to thank. 

I found my second “it” with track and swimming. When I first started racing for Westmont as a freshman, I put a lot of debilitating pressure on myself to succeed. Yet with support from my coaches and teammates, I learned to enjoy competition and pursue progress rather than perfection. It’s difficult for me to sit here and realize that my athletic journey in high school will soon come to an end. Like bro…what?

I found my third and final “it” sophomore year when I joined journalism. Involved in our school’s newspaper, I’ve had the honor of writing stories for loyal readers about topics I’m passionate about. The word grateful hardly begins to describe how I feel about this class which has allowed me to hone my writing skills and find my voice.

Now, I’m finally back in the classroom where the best parts of my high school journey began: room 58. As a freshman, I came to school thrilled to begin a new chapter in my book of life. Returning to campus for the final weeks of my senior year to write the final pages has made me feel both exhilarated and sentimental. As I move on to college in due time, I’m eager to add new pages, but until then…I’m thinking bro, what.