Back to School 1, 2023

By Anjali Nayak

While taking AP World History my sophomore year, I was forced to fumble through loose pieces of binder paper with unintelligible phrases and handwriting scribbled over my classwork, just hours before the dreaded AP exam. This year, I want to make a change. My AP US History notes are going to be pristine, organized, and, most importantly, aesthetically pleasing. Don’t worry, this isn’t just an excuse to visit my personal safe space—the back to school section in Target. 

After scouring numerous Pinterest boards and having a quick conversation with notetaking connoisseur Amanda Kappenman, I have devised the perfect shopping list for other aesthetic note amateurs. 

  1. Mildliners 
  2. Stabilo Boss Pastel Highlighter Range
  3. Zebra Black Ball Point Pens 
  4. Muji 0.38mm Gel Ink Ball Pens

By Cynthia Andary 

  • Have a routine.
  • Don’t procrastinate.
  • Have a calendar to track all important dates, schoolwork, and plans. 
  • Have a folder and notebook for each class as needed.
  • Keep a pouch of pens, pencils, highlighters, and erasers to stay prepared.
  • Clean out your bag every once in a while to take out old, unuseful things.
  • I recommend keeping your papers in order by unit.  If you do this, you will have all necessary materials ready when you need to review for a test.
  • Having a tidy study space will help you focus on the work in front of you. 
  • Work on homework during study hall to decrease the amount of work you have to do at home.
  • Make a checklist when you have multiple assignments or tasks to complete before an upcoming deadline.
  • Have saved tabs for Canvas and important websites you will use often. 
  • Put your phone in another room or a drawer to avoid distractions while doing homework, studying, or writing an essay.
  • Bring water to school everyday. 
  • Try to eat breakfast before school. 
  • Gum is a necessity. 
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