Stand Up For Yourself

By Alex Gryciuk 

Whether you are just starting high school or about to enter your senior year, everyone has something to say when it comes to your life as a highschooler. Take this AP, join this club, play this sport, etc. While it’s important to listen to others’ advice, it’s also important to value your own opinion highly. High school is all about learning more about yourself, about who you are, and important life skills along with academic knowledge. You aren’t able to learn more about yourself and try new things that seem interesting to you if someone else is dictating your decision-making. Stick to your guns and decide what you want to try. 

Never let anyone take advantage of you. Put your foot down and make sure you only do the fair share of work or the share of work you would like to do. Know your worth.

 If you want to take a class, advocate for yourself and take it. Too many highschoolers, myself included, fail to accomplish what they want or achieve their goals because their actions are swayed by others’ decisions or opinions. 

Ultimately, it’s your life, so do what you want with it.  Start in high school, stand up for yourself and do what is best for you and for your future. No one knows you better than yourself, so don’t let others dictate how you live your life. Trust me, you’ll enjoy high school more if you do.