I’ll Start Tomorrow…

By Julia Kemp

Like many other highschool students, I have been struck with the deadly plague that cursed my junior year: procrastination. I used to loathe the constant reminders on the dangers of procrastination delivered by parents, teachers, and other students as I entered highschool. However, going into my senior year, I now vehemently understand their warnings. I’ve found that I was pushing off even the most miniscule and manageable assignments, unable to prevent myself from succumbing to the fatal temptation that is procrastination.

I made creative ways to ease my conflicted conscience—cleaning, working on less pressing projects, helping friends with their homework, etc.—that convinced me that I was being productive when I was actually procrastinating on homework that stressed me out. As a result, I found myself crippled with stress; pulling my hair out and staying up longer than humanly possible, I created an immensely stressful environment for myself when I could have just done the work earlier and been much more relaxed.

The worst thing about procrastination is that it usually works. I always finished assignments “on time” and managed to receive satisfactory grades. However, in retrospect, I could have still turned in the work on time and received even better grades had I started on assignments in my own time, rather than waiting until the very last minute. My advice to you going into the 2022-2023 school year (especially if you’re a junior) is to AVOID PROCRASTINATION. I know, you’ve heard that piece of advice from every single person you’ve asked, but it’s absolutely true. Save yourself from the frown lines, eye bags, and headaches by starting work early and putting in your best efforts: you won’t regret it. 

Here’s some extra tips to avoid procrastination (though I might not be the best person to ask since I am a recovering procrastinator myself):

  • Make a homework schedule and stick to it.
  • Put your phone aside while doing homework.
  • Play some relaxing and entertaining music while you work.
  • Make a list of your assignments from most important to least, and complete them in that order.
  • Make sure you have a clean and organized workspace so you feel comfortable while you work.
  • Though homework may feel like a chore, you can do things to make it less stressful or boring, like going to a cafe, lighting a candle by your desk, or (my personal favorite) pretending you’re in a movie while you work and that you’re the hot, smart main character.