Cold? Here’s Some Lit Ideas!

By Mia Hanuska

Brrrr, the cold season is upon us. Cold and fashion are often seen as opposites: all cute outfits are for the summer and show too much skin for the 50 degree weather of winter. Hopefully some of these tricks will be able to save your outfit—and your warmth. 

Fleece Tights

Under skirts, dresses, and even shorts, a pair of fleece tights can be a life-saver. Purchased on Amazon, these will give an extra layer of warmth and layer well under semi- sheer black tights, which can hide any color differences between the tights and natural skin color. 


Long coats or jackets can be worn on top of any outfit and even can be wrapped around for extra protection from elements. I’d suggest a neutral color and pattern for universality, but a bright pop of color never goes out of style. 

Thick socks

During fall and winter, ditch those short, ankle-length freezing socks and swap them for a longer, calf-length thick or fuzzy sock. Many fashion retailers will sell cute ones with designs, such as bears, cats, or lace. These will save those little toes from frostbite, especially when it rains. 


This was somewhat touched on in the first two suggestions, but never underestimate the power of layering. Cute tank tops can be layered over long sleeved-shirts, and a simple cami or shirt goes well under sweaters where they can’t be seen. Overtop a simple crewneck or hoodie a cute windbreaker or puffer jacket can be layered, and when it’s cold enough sometimes even wearing a pair of leggings under jeans can go a long way. 

Hand warmers

Obviously these aren’t exactly a fashion piece, but hand-warmers come in handy when teachers keep their classrooms colder than the same temperature as outside. Additionally, they can be bought in bulk at stores like Costco and while the instructions suggest one per hand, most of the time both hands can share one comfortably. These remove the need for gloves and when there’s a hand-written essay due first period so you can actually move your fingers.