The Fall of Fashion

By Keira De Vita

Just as I begin to tan (the little I can) and purchase the perfect discounted bikini, a suspiciously chilling breeze creeps up over my shoulder discouraging me to continue dressing the way I do. I hold through for a good couple of weeks, though the mornings may be chilly, the California days warm up by the time I truly have to be outside of the walls of my classrooms. But, with persistence by late October to mid November, the breeze turns into a freeze or a storm and forces me to confide in my hoodies, sweaters, and long pants for the next four months.

I could not imagine living anywhere else other than California, dealing with freezing winters or treacherous springs… but the one season I can not fully escape is fall. Fall is the reason beach trips are not as enjoyable and the sun does not have the ability to give my hair natural blonde highlights. Fall is my number one enemy, especially as a redhead… and someone who is just simply not a fan of fall. The sweaters are itchy and expensive, the trends of footwear and accessories change too frequently for me to keep up. The California temperatures are never perfectly occurring; it is always too cold to wear a holey sweater but not cold enough to wear a thick sweater all day long as the sun attempts to peek through. With problems such as sweating, fall’s temperatures make no sense and are too difficult to coordinate with. 

A personal issue with fall are the ridiculous colors it adapts. The greens and blues fade away as they disappear behind the bright reds and oranges, and fogged by the graying sky. As a redhead, I am not a fan of the fall favorite colors on me. Although yes, to everyone else and the color wheel they suit my hair, I just fail to understand what is appealing about looking like a Christmas advertisement mid November.  Least favorite color combos: red and green, along with orange and green. That’s fall for you. While I am just complaining, I mainly sit in shock as people become giddy about trees losing their beautiful shade provided to me during the summer.

All of this nonsense is truly the fall of fashion.