Sweater Weather

By Lili Metanovic 

Fall is approaching and you know what that means: it’s sweater weather! As colder weather approaches, more and more students will begin to dress in warmer attire. In California, fortunately, we can never predict whether it will be extraordinarily hot or cold; as I write this, it is 90 degrees outside in October. Sweaters are a significant element of the warmer clothing that is frequently worn. Shorts, leggings, jeans, and even sweatpants can all be worn with sweaters because of their great versatility. Given that there are countless ways to style sweaters, there is virtually never a bad time to wear one. Sweaters come in all shapes and sizes; chunky, knitted, cropped, or oversized. You name it and there’s a sweater for it. When wearing sweaters, try to remember to balance your outfit out. If you’re going to wear a very chunky and oversized sweater, try to avoid wearing huge bottoms. Stick to slimmer jeans or whatever bottoms you plan on wearing. Rina Weaver, senior at Westmont says her favorite place to get sweaters is Brandy Melville. Weaver generally matches her beloved sweaters with either flare leggings or sweatpants. In the halls of Westmont, it is not hard to spot a sweater or two as you are walking. It is wonderful to cuddle up and get cozier in sweaters as the weather starts to turn just a bit chilly. 

If you want to buy new sweaters to gear up for the new season, here are some ideas of stores you can visit: 

  • Brandy Melville
  • Zara
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Aerie
  • Free People
  • H & M
  • American Eagle
  • Hollister
  • Local Thrift Stores (Goodwill, Cross Roads, etc.) 
  • Online Stores!

These are only a few places to shop, but don’t be hesitant to explore other options. It is fairly challenging to find an ugly sweater. Unless, of course, you’re doing it on purpose.