By Nupur Kudapkar

i used to hate the color orange 

how could someone find beauty 

in something so plain? 

so unoriginal? 

it was incredibly bright and repulsive 

until i met you 

with your admiration for the color 

and your beautiful 

bright smile

as you bought me 

orange sunflowers 

at the farmers market 

on sundays, over summer 

because you knew how happy they made me 

suddenly my thoughts changed 

orange wasn’t so bad anymore 

i thought about it,

you could make it darker or lighter 

and it looked beautiful 

on a multitude of items 

such as flowers, shirts, tablecloths 

and especially


orange turned into one of my favorite color

i found it everywhere  

within everything 

and perhaps in order to love something 

that you once hated 

you have to love a person that cares about it so deeply with no regrets 

  • to my best friend, thank you for teaching me new things every day