Do Nothing Day

By Julia Kemp

As busy high school students, I’m sure that many of you regularly feel overwhelmed and stressed. Personally, I find myself dreaming about my bed almost every day. Sitting in boring lectures, experiencing stressful drama, or just exhausted from existence, I often yearn for a day devoted to doing absolutely nothing. 

So, I suggest that there be a national holiday specifically for recharging social batteries. This “Do Nothing Day” will lead to a more relaxed and energetic population, and will undoubtedly provide many benefits to the livelihoods of many. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking: can’t you do nothing on any day? The answer is no. Sure, you can have a lazy day and try to stay inside, but everyone ultimately does something every day. Checking Snapchat, walking dogs, brushing teeth—these everyday activities prevent stressed souls from taking a much needed break. Do Nothing day means doing nothing: no phone, no hygiene, and absolutely no human interaction.