Treat Yourself Day

By Lauren Marino 

Everyone in their day-to-day lives experiences a busy schedule and stress. Holidays are something that everyone can say they look forward to because they get to take some time off that is stress free, so why not add another holiday specifically for taking care of yourself? Treat yourself day would be a great holiday to add because everyone would have the opportunity to put themselves first. This day could exist of anything that makes a person happy. For example, on my treat yourself day I would start by getting Starbucks, then going to some cute stores to shop, take a break and get lunch, and then come home and binge watch some TV shows. Whatever one is interested in they can do to help decompress, it could be an adventurous day out, relaxing day in, or a pamper day full of self care. This holiday could be a great way for everyone to destress and treat themselves!