How to Catch a Leprechaun!

By Madeline Crowley

As a little girl, my curiosity often took over and I would spend hours sitting in my room, perfecting my leprechaun trap building skills and devising plans to trap the little creatures that I knew very little about. How tall are they? Do they like chocolate coins? Are they smart, tricky, cunning? Several children’s books I read gave me certain ideas about them and hours of browsing the internet for stories and pictures about the little creatures fed my interest. I’ve tried configurations made of shoeboxes to playdough and after testing out so many different traps, I have never been successful but here are the essential things you need to know before making your Leprechaun trap:

You need Bait! When a leprechaun comes into your house they are looking to get in and get out and not spend too long as they have many places to be. Therefore, your bait needs to be shiny enough to catch their eyes and interesting enough that they want to stay and check it out. A good start is making your trap full of gold, green, sparkly materials or even a rainbow. From my knowledge of these tricksters, they love to get in trouble and take risks. Therefore, rather than using signs that say “welcome” and “gold here!” I’ve found signs that say  “enter if you dare” or “danger!” work more effectively to lure their adventurous minds. Most importantly, make sure to place your trap at the entrance of your house or an area very visible and easy for the leprechaun to find.